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Benefit from the latest precision farming technology - with the best guidance, machine control, telematics and documentation products on the market.


With access to the John Deere AMS (Agricultural Management Systems) and Kverneland IsoMatch® range, plus the Sixty-5 Technologies Grass-Guide product, we can offer the solutions necessary to help you transform precision into profitability. There are four key aspects to our precision farming product portfolio – here’s essentially what they can do for you:

  • Guidance – minimise skips and overlaps and maintain accurate machine positioning with the aid of devices that utilise global satellite signals.
  • Machine Control – automate complex functionality, by linking tractor and machine together with ISOBUS interfaces and electronic controllers.
  • Telematics – monitor your fleet with real-time tracking of location, performance and application progress – plus remote diagnostics.
  • Documentation – utilise digital data to help plan and manage tasks, analyse results and provide records to meet environmental requirements.

We can mix and match equipment from any of our top brand offerings, to come up with an entry level or advanced solution which is ideally suited to your agricultural operation. From a plug-and-play Grass-Guide guidance system ideal for parallel tracking, to John Deere’s integrated AutoTrac and Mobile RTK (Real Time Kinematic) for the highest possible level of accuracy – we cover the full spectrum.

Look into our INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS – This is a department setup to provide support services that go hand-in-hand with our precision farming products to help take your operation to a new level of efficiency, reducing unnecessary downtime and improving machine performance.

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