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John Deere Machinery

Agricultural machinery from John Deere. Learn more about the full line of John Deere harvesting, baling, mowing and spraying equipment at the John Deere official website HERE

When John Deere invented his famous steel plow in his blacksmith shop in 1837, he also forged the beginnings of a company that would grow to become a world leading producer of agricultural equipment, offering full lines of tractors and machinery. The company was originally established on horse drawn implements, such as the steel plow and other cultivators, which transformed farming in America from slow and laborious to fast and efficient – key to economic development at the time. John Deere produced its first combine in 1927, the John Deere No.2, marking the start of diversification into self-propelled machines other than tractors. Today Deere manufactures and markets a huge range of equipment from its agricultural division suitable for many different farming applications around the world including: combine and forage harvesters; balers and mower conditioners; and sprayers

John Deere is the world’s largest producer of combines with factories in the US, Brazil, China and India. All John Deere combines sold into Europe are designed and built at the Zweibrücken factory in Germany; where the first European harvesters were introduced in 1964. Today, the factory produces a range of different combine models and self-propelled foragers for harvesting of cereals, silage, and biomass crops. The W and T Series walker combines and large S Series rotary combines are equipped with pioneering features to suit the difficult harvesting conditions of Western Europe such as the HillMaster self-levelling system, which compensates for slopes by levelling the entire combine body automatically on the move. They also benefit from exclusive cleaning and separator systems, a wide range of perfectly matched John Deere headers, and can be fitted with John Deere’s AutoTrac hands-free steering so the driver can concentrate on combine adjustments.

Zweibrücken’s other key responsibility is foragers. In 2015 John Deere launched the most advanced self-propelled forager harvester every built, with the 8000 series, immensely advanced from the first John Deere forage harvesting machine that rolled of the Ottumwa, Iowa assembly line over 40 years before. A vast amount was invested in research and development for this new generation of forage harvester and all previous designs were completely overhauled. Extensively tested in-field and at facilities around the world, this forager integrates cutting-edge crop analysis with innovative machine design. Award winning features such as HarvestLab constituent sensing, KernelStar multi-crop processor, and ProDrive hydrostatic transmission come together with header solutions from John Deere owned manufacturer Kemper, to give machines with world beating performance.

John Deere is the number 1 baler manufacturer worldwide with and extensive range produced at the Arc-les-Gray factory. The factory location in a mixed livestock and cereals region of Franch makes it ideal for the design, testing and manufacturing of fixed chamber, variable belt, and wrapping round balers. The 900 Series balers from Arc-les-Gray were first introduced in 2011 and feature a unique ‘curtain’ rear door which enables ultra-fast release of the bale. State-of-the-art technology on these machines such as their high capacity pick-ups and hybrid bale chambers have been successful in significantly enhancing baler productivity with greater capacity and bale density than ever before. The F400 Series models utilise a number of components from the 900 Series and are ISOBUS certified to offer new levels of Tractor Implement Automation (TIA). Other John Deere products including conventional balers, large square balers, mower conditioners and tractor front loaders also start life at this factory.

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