Valtra N111E Tractor (2012) V3459CA


  • 754F1810-7421-481A-A196-90907FEE044A
  • A5B00CC5-5104-44E2-90C0-62E55C6DB8FF
  • B999B02D-87BA-432D-BCF8-93EFB98ABBF7
  • D22A283B-1584-40F6-B2C6-30933FFBFC66


4-cylinder 124 horsepower tractor c/w 40 kph 36 speed transmission with LH shuttle and park lock, 2x mechanical spools, 540/1000 selectable pto, air conditioned cab with air seat and passenger seat, 380/85R28-460/85R38 wheels fitted with a Valtra Q50 loader with joystick control with 3rd service and euro headstock