Giant G3500 Loading Shovel (NEW) 29836GI3


  • F0730F18-3215-4C3C-95CB-D2847F836408
  • 78235538-E93B-42F5-827A-4FA7D3AC84E8
  • 6E72C964-E6BF-4ED3-8EB1-32DBA250BD1C
  • E5EEAD94-B225-4D0C-AA05-473341CEF5A5
  • 50BA8BC3-B967-461B-9D99-139F57CC187F
  • EC16BBF4-8818-4A3D-AD57-601B43901442
  • 6FFEAE0A-0A58-42AC-9858-D84C68216C88
  • 058D51D7-FFFC-40E2-B86C-7FE367430A86
  • 88BFEB2C-40DC-4543-8658-A8CDD099887B
  • 174D8ACA-ADD6-44E2-AB57-54EE6DDD78F2


Giant G3500 compact pivoting  telescopic loading shovel c/w 66 horsepower, 2 range hydrostatic transmission, 4wd, 4.3 metre max lift height, 2400kg lift capacity, 14 tonne rated axles, euro headstock with hydraulic latching, 480/45-17 oversize wheels, full cab with air seat, joystick control of all hydraulic functions & forward/reverse shuttling, full road lighting and front, rear and boom work lights